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Teeth Whitening Treatment, Costs & Details
We offer two different genuine brands for our whitening treatment—Opalescence and KöR.

Each system has its own approach and whitening gel composition to achieve maximum results.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ghodsi?

Dr. Ghodsi has the experience and credentials you should look for when considering a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening.

Dr. Shayan Ghodsi offers his patients expert up-to-date knowledge and years of experience in the dental field, paying great attention to fine details when it comes to your individualized dental treatment. You will feel confident in being treated in a state-of-the-art dental facility. Dr. Ghodsi has a warm smile and gentle nature that will make your dental treatment a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Dr. Ghodsi received his Bachelor’s degree from Pace University in New York and earned his DMD at TUFTS University in Boston, Massachusetts in 2001. In addition, he has earned many continuing education credits in his fields of interest.


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Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems

Home Whitening
Take home trays teeth whitening system opalescence

Take-Home Trays

Opalescence take-home whitening gel gives you professional whitening results in the comfort of your own home—day or night!

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Take-home trays are comparable to over-the-counter systems but are by far more predictable in their outcome. We take accurate impressions of your teeth and we meticulously fabricate custom trays for you. The better the fit of the trays, the better the whitening result. A properly fitted tray allows for maximum whitening gel contact with your teeth while keeping the saliva away, thus, ensuring optimal whitening result.

Whitening gels come in different concentrations. This manufacturer offers 10%, 15%, 25%, 35%, and 45% strength.

There are pros and cons to each concentration. This should be carefully evaluated and discussed during your consultation. As a rule of thumb, the higher the concentration, the higher the post-op sensitivity and the faster the color rebound. If you cannot tolerate wearing the trays for extended time, then a high concentration may be the only option for you. It is usually better to use a lower strength for a longer period of time to maximize the removal of stubborn stains. Typical wear time for each concentration is as follow:

Although it is suggested to wear the trays for 2 weeks, it is not unusual to wear them for 3-4 weeks for better result. This truly varies from patient to patient. Refill packs for the trays are $30.

10% 8-10 hours
15% 4-6 hours
20% 2-4 hours
35% 30-60 minutes
45% 15-30 minutes

We order them directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and maximum freshness.

Home + In-Office Whitening
teeth whitening package - lakeview dental

Take-Home Trays + In-Office Whitening

This is the best of both worlds offering maximum whitening results that should last for a longer period of time.

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You start by using the take-home trays for 2 weeks followed by a single session of in-office whitening. The slow whitening approach prepares the teeth for a more effective session of powerful in-office whitening that will give you the best possible result.

The other benefit of this double approach is that by having a set of trays, you can touch up your teeth every month for maintenance.

KöR Whitening System

This company has a different philosophy and approach about the entire whitening process. They use a different chemical composition that supposedly offers a more predictable whitening result. KöR is the first company to constantly refrigerate their whitening products from the moment of manufacture until we receive them in an ice box at our dental practice. In addition, KöR gels do not have any chemical stabilizers. As a result, when placed onto the warm teeth, they break down with extraordinary effectiveness.

We utilize 4 different KöR systems.

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KöR Night $450
Take-home trays
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The process is similar to the system described previously but uses different mixture of chemicals in their gel. In addition, impressions for trays differ from other systems because these are taken using higher quality material. The process will also take more chair time. As a result, the trays fit against the teeth more precisely, providing a better seal. Whitening gels are super sensitive to saliva. The active ingredient is instantly neutralized once it comes in contact with saliva. This is why very well fitted trays are of paramount importance. The use of more expensive impression material and the extra time required to fabricate the trays is reflected in the fee. This system only comes in a 16% carbamide peroxide which will need to be worn for a minimum of 6 hours for 2 weeks.

KöR Max $650
Take-home trays + in-office whitening
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This is the best selling KöR product that offers a super effective whitening system which combines 2 weeks of home whitening with a single 60 minutes in-office whitening visit. This option provides the very best whitening result with a long lasting outcome for a typical patient.

KöR Ultra Max $900
Take-home trays + in-office whitening
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The KöR ULTRA Whitening System delivers astonishing whitening results on stubborn cases such as fluorosis and dark geriatric staining. It utilizes a 60 minute in-office whitening followed by 3-4 weeks of take-home trays (worn during sleep), and ends with a final 60 minute in-office whitening.

KöR Ultra-T $1000
Take-home trays + in-office whitening
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The KöR ULTRA-T Whitening process is similar to KöR Ultra Max except that it is specifically developed to treat cases of tetracycline staining that are truly difficult to handle. It utilizes a 60 minute in-office whitening followed by 6-8 weeks of take-home trays (worn during sleep), and ends with a final 60 minute in-office whitening.

Steps To Whitening Your Teeth At Lakeview Dental:

Consultation Phase:

  • Make an appointment for an examination
  • We go over different Whitening options and help you select a whitening kit
  • Discuss cost, payment options and length of treatment
  • You can always return for a follow-up with the Doctor to ask any remaining questions. There will not be any charge for this appointment.

Whitening Phase:

If you have selected In-Office Whitening only:

If you have selected a combination of Home Whitening and In-Office whitening:

  • Make an appointment for impressions (needed for tray fabrication)
  • Return in 1-2 weeks for tray delivery and instructions
  • Return in 2-3 weeks for In-Office Whitening

Post-Whitening Phase:

  • Use the trays 1-2 times per month for maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of food should I avoid eating during teeth whitening?

For best results, avoid high staining foods; such as: tea, coffee, soda, red wine, etc. during and for a few days after your whitening treatment.

Is in-office whitening using a light source more effective?

If you have heard or noticed firsthand, some bleaching systems utilize a light source and others do not. What is the difference? A light source claims to be more effective. If so, why is it not used in all systems?

The truth is that despite what you may have been reading or believing, there is not a single research document confirming that a light source will enhance the effectiveness of your treatment! In fact, published clinical studies, not funded by bleaching light manufacturers, have shown that light raise the temperature of your tooth by a few degrees just enough that it could cause unnecessary irritation and post-op sensitivity. There are research documents confirming this finding. If you are getting whitening without a light source, rest assured that it will not have any impact at all on the whitening results.

Do bleaching gels sold online work? Are they safe?

You probably have noticed brand name whitening gels being sold online such as on eBay or Amazon, but are they actually safe? And how can the seller offer those for less than what the manufacturer sells those to dental offices?! And how did the online seller even managed to obtain those products when the federal law prohibits selling those to anyone but to a dental professional?

Honestly, whitening gels are safe. It is not so much about safety but rather what you are actually buying. Some are counterfeit; others are from the gray market. These are products that were shipped to another country. Anything that does not get sold can be shipped back to the US. It is not clear what the shipping conditions will be. In order to cut down the cost, those gels will most likely be stored and shipped in containers with less than ideal conditions, such as being stored in containers without proper temperature regulation where the inside temperature could climb drastically.

Further, the chemicals inside the whitening gels are sensitive and will deteriorate over time. Ideally you want fresh gels. Once the shipment makes it to the US, the content is distributed to small vendors. You, as a buyer, will have no way of knowing if what you are buying is actually of acceptable quality or not. For all you know, it could be an old product that will not whiten your teeth as effectively.

What strength whitening gel should I use?

The general misconception is to use the strongest gel possible, because it must be better to whiten teeth. And why should I wear the trays for 6 hours when it can be done in 20 minutes.

Have you ever tried to get a stain off your clothes? Have you noticed that leaving the stain remover for a longer period of time does a better job breaking down the stain? The same concept applies to teeth. Low strength gels have more contact time to remove stubborn stains. They will slowly but effectively remove deeper stains; the results will last for a longer period of time; and they have the least amount of post-op sensitivity.

Higher concentration gels do work very well and will give you faster whitening results; the final color is less stable and will rebound much faster; and you will be more likely to have unnecessary teeth sensitivity.

We usually recommend wearing the trays for as long as you can tolerate, and we will match the appropriate gel strength to your individual tolerance level.

What should I do if my teeth are sensitive during whitening?

For maximum effectiveness, trays should be worn for the recommended length of time continuously for 2 weeks. However, if you are experiencing too much sensitivity, you can stop the process for a day or two and continue. You should also talk to your dentist. You may be given desensitizer. You could also start using anti-sensitivity tooth paste 2 weeks prior and during your whitening. In extreme sensitivity cases, your dentist should fabricate trays to be used with anti-sensitivity toothpaste for 15 minutes a day. This tray option is the best approach to combat sensitivity.

How long will the whitening results last?

It varies for each individual and it depends on the gel strength. The higher the concentration, the faster the color will rebound. Also, your diet will play a role. If you consume high staining foods; such as: tea, coffee, soda, red wine, etc., expect faster stain formation. Most people will need to touch up their teeth by wearing the trays 1 to 2 days every month. Avoid staining foods during the whitening treatment and for 2-3 days post whitening.

How many weeks should I whiten my teeth?

Generally, it is suggested to wear the trays for 2 weeks. It varies from person to person. Some have to wear the trays for 3-4 weeks to notice a significant improvement. You could also try to whiten one arch at a time and use the opposing arch as a comparison. If you whiten both arches and look at your teeth 10 times a day, it is difficult to truly judge how much whiter they have become.

Can I over whiten my teeth?

Not really. Teeth will only whiten so much. Eventually the color will not change any more. You will only be wasting the gel and experience unnecessary sensitivity.

How much teeth whitening gel should I place in my bleaching trays?

First of all, you only want to place the gel on the side of the tray that becomes in contact with your tooth. You also would want to skip those teeth that have a crown as they will not whiten. Mark those teeth on the tray and do not place any gel.

Lower front teeth are much smaller and 1 drop with probably suffice. Upper front teeth and all back teeth are slightly larger and would need a couple of drops of gel. The first few days, it is a trial and error approach. If you do not see any excess gel being extruded from the edge of the tray, you probably put too little. And if there is too much extrusion, then you put too much and are wasting the gel. Ideally you only want to see a very slight amount of excess extruding from the edge of the tray.

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